Investing Shareholders
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East Cape Macadamia’s shareholders have a combined experience of 84 years in the macadamia industry in South Africa. This experience ranges across the value chain from macadamia farming to market establishment.




  • Funding partner.
  • Capital-raising for the expansion of macadamia nut farming.
  • Organise communities, introduce and create new high impact industries for commercialisation for the lasting benefit of the communities.




  • Engagement of the communities – land access, partnerships and agreements (including compliance).

  • Mobilization of public sector grants and loans.
  • Facilitate strategic linkages and provide strategic direction to the project.
  • A catalyst for project expansion and diversification.




  • Identification of suitable land for macadamia production.
  • Technical support on all aspects of macadamia orchard practices, processing and marketing.
  • Skills transfer to all levels of workers, supervisors and management as well as technical training.
  • Compilation of business plans.




  • Access to markets.

  • Marketing the product to EU, USA, Middle and Far East.

  • Processing (macadamia oil) to add extra product and revenue.

  • Actively support the development of emerging farmers by providing technical training, advice on crop handling and ensuring farming best practices are upheld.


hendricks web FINAL

Hendricks an attorney by profession, established her legal practice in 1986 and was admitted to the Supreme Court in 1995.

Lindiwe Hendricks


Hendricks has served various roles within SA’s political landscape, the most notable accolades were becoming a Member of Parliament in 1994; Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry (1999-2005); Minister of Minerals and Energy (2005-2006) and Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry (2006-2009). Hendricks currently holds directorships in various companies and is the Chairperson of Indibano to Harvest.

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Over a 20-year period, Mkululi Pakade established several successful companies from the ground up and built them into formidable brands.

Mkululi Pakade

Board Member

Pakade’s investment portfolio includes shareholding at Kula Development and Business Solutions, Lukhozi Consulting Engineers PMN Property Trust, Lukhanji Leisure, Ncera Macadamia Farming and Ikusasa Green. Pakade has a BSc Honours Degree in Development Studies, and holds several diplomas in Business Management; Project Management; Management Practice and Higher Education.

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Chuma Sangqu brings a wealth of experience in integrated sustainable development, particularly stakeholder management and community facilitation in the development space.

Chuma Sangqu

Board Member

Having been an executive manager for investment promotion and stakeholder relations at AsgiSA Eastern Cape (now part of Eastern Cape Rural Development Initiative), Sangqu ensured that key stakeholders were recognised partners in the agency’s agriarian reform projects. As manager at Ntinga OR Tambo Development Agency, he was responsible for the implementation of an integrated sustainable rural development programme for the region. Sangqu also worked for the Commission on Restitution of Land Rights where gained an in-depth understanding of land reform issues.

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Grant Simpson is based in Port Elizabeth. He graduated from the University of NMM – Port Elizabeth with a B. Comm. and thereafter an M.B.L.

Grant Simpson

Board Member

Simpson is currently the CEO of the TGK Farming Group. The TGK Farming Group comprises of transport, macadamia and dairy operations as well as management consultancy services in the agriculture sector. Simpson has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (Bcom) and a Master’s degree in Business Leadership (MBL).

trevor web FINAL

Trevor Simpson’s role in South Africa’s macadamia industry has earned him an honorary life membership of the Southern African Macadamia Association (SAMAC).

Trevor Simpson

Board Member

Simpson is the Chairperson of the TGK Farming Group and has approximately 43 years’ experience in the farming industry and corporate business management. His experiences include his responsibility for the development of a 400 ha (with a potential of 600 ha) macadamia estate  considered the largest in the world at the time. Trevor was awarded honorary life membership of the Southern African Macadamia Association (SAMAC) for services rendered and has served on the board of SAMAC for five years (the last three as Chairman). He currently holds Directorships in Quality Express, Ncera Macadamia Farming and Amajingqi Macadamia Farming.

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It has been almost 40 years since Jillian Whyte started out marketing avocados, macadamia nuts and pecan nuts for Boschdrift

Jillian Whyte

Board Member

Whyte is Chief Executive Officer of South Africa’s largest macadamia processing and marketing company, Green Farms Nut Co, a company she established in 1990. Whyte was at the helm of fruit exporting company Katope’ Exports up to its sale in 2008, and was managing director of Kalahari Desert Products, a pecan-processing and marketing company. Whyte has served on the board of the SAMAC for 12 years, and this included being Chairperson from 2005 to 2006.